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Are you a bird parent with a bird laying unwanted eggs? DummyEggs®.com offers a safe, fast and natural solution. Fake Eggs manufactured in the USA, Of premium plastic that’s non-toxic, realistic and tough, DummyEggs® trick your bird, and that’s enough. No more stress for your bird or you, We help mother nature decide what to do.

To signal that it’s time to incubate, Place a full clutch of dummy eggs in her nest, And let your brooding hen do the rest. DummyEggs® are easy to use and safe, With realistic size, shape, and weight, Your bird won’t know the difference, She’ll think the clutch is complete and it’s time to incubate.

Your broody bird will sit the eggs on the floor, Thinking she’s incubating and stop laying more! She won’t replace the eggs disposed, Her comfort is assured with the number of eggs she knows. Just go to DummyEggs®.com today, And say goodbye to egg-laying, hooray!

— by Melanie, DummyEggs®.com

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DummyEggs® manufactures and sells plastic bird eggs designed to aid in reducing complications from the natural and ongoing reproductive cycle of female birds. While our products are intended to provide support, they are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. We advise consulting with your avian veterinarian for all health concerns as soon as possible. Please note that the effectiveness of our products may vary depending on individual circumstances, and we encourage using them in accordance with our directions. DummyEggs® is not staffed by medical professionals or veterinarians.



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