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Welcome to our YouTube movie revealing 7 expert tips to effectively control egg-laying behavior in pet birds from DummyEggs®.com. We have tried to illustrate these often overlooked secrets you need to know using our humorous cartoons. No one educates you how to manage egg laying when you become a new bird owner. Unfortunately, ignoring her brooding needs or disposing of laid eggs can have devasting consequences for your beloved pet's health. The DummyEggs® method to control or stop unwanted egg laying, using reproduction plastic bird eggs is naturally safe, fast, and inexpensive.

The 7 Essential Tips:

  1. Birds Count Their Eggs
  2. Read the Directions
  3. It's All in the Numbers
  4. Recognizing Broody Behavior
  5. Oversized Bird Droppings
  6. Replace Rejected Eggs
  7. Shipped Same Day
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DummyEggs® manufactures and sells plastic bird eggs designed to aid in reducing complications from the natural and ongoing reproductive cycle of female birds. While our products are intended to provide support, they are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. We advise consulting with your avian veterinarian for all health concerns as soon as possible. Please note that the effectiveness of our products may vary depending on individual circumstances, and we encourage using them in accordance with our directions. DummyEggs® is not staffed by medical professionals or veterinarians.



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