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Large Parrot DummyEggs®
Dummy Eggs for Large Macaw
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Picture shows 1 plastic Large Parrot egg with a quarter below for scale. On the right a pair of beautiful Blue and Gold Macaws preening each other and on the left an umbrella cockatoo and a pair of happy Hyacinths. Also shown are the logo, and the 1-7/8" x 1- 1/2" (4.8 x 3.8 cm) dimensions.

Designed to Match Real Eggs.

Macaw & Cockatoo Egg Sizes Vary Widely. Please measure your live egg before ordering.

Vet Approved Way to Control Your Bird's Egg Laying Cycle Safely, Naturally, Quickly!
HOW TO USE DIRECTIONS included with purchase.

Realistic Solid Non-toxic White Plastic 1 7/8" x 1 1/2" (4.8 x 3.8 cm)
Weight: 1 oz. / 28 grams

œufs en plastique factices pour ara

Large Macaw, Hyacinth, Cockatoo: Clutch 2 / Incubation 28 Days

The DummyEggs® brand fake Large Parrot eggs, provide an efficient, fast, and natural tool to control breeding and egg laying in large parrots. Our realistic, solid white, non-toxic plastic eggs, are modeled after real eggs, are made in the USA, and measure 1-7/8" long by 1-1/2" across (4.8 x 3.8cm). They are a perfect match for nGreen Wing Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw and Umbrella Cockatoo. DummyEggs® bird egg reproductions are used to control egg laying by replacing live eggs when first laid. Large parrot dummy eggs can be used to stimulate laying if so desired. DummyEggs for larger birds are also used to help increase hatching chicks survive. Breeders often replace a live egg with a dummy so the real egg can be placed in an incubator and returned to hatch at the same time as fertile eggs laid days before or after. Another scenario is to permanently exchange an egg near to hatching to hand raise because it is in jeopardy. This can be for many reasons including larger or more dominant chicks who eat all the food, inexperienced parents who may not feed or protect the newborn chick and parents who can peck at and injure the tender young bird.

Please read our directions included with your order carefully.
The Topics Covered Are:

• Where can I find DummyEggs® brand eggs for sale?
• How Do Dummy Eggs Stop Egg Laying in pet parrots & birds?
• Are non-toxic solid plastic fake eggs safe and what are DummyEggs® made of?
• What do I do with real unwanted eggs that my parrot or bird have laid?
• How many dummy eggs do I put in her cage or nest at once?
• How long before the egg laying cycle starts over again?
• When do I remove the DummyEggs® from my bird’s cage or nest?
• How does my bird behave when she is getting ready to lay eggs?
• Can plastic dummy eggs work to replace both fertile and infertile eggs?
• Can Dummy Eggs help serious avian health conditions like chronic egg laying or egg binding?
• Will a fake egg stimulate a hen to start laying a clutch of eggs?
• How do I know what egg size I need for my pet bird Macaws and Cockatoos?

Large Parrot DummyEggs
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Create a nest bowl.

Find a shallow bowl about the length of your parrot. Fill with shredded paper towels or bird safe shredded paper bedding with no odor control. Place dummy eggs in nest bowl and place at bottom of cage or where ever your bird is comfortable. Leave the nest bowl in place for the same number of days that would be a normal incubation for your species and then remove. Clean often.


plastic large dummy egg next to real military macaw dummy egg, showing similarity with logo and small bird pic

“Melanie cares about her customers...and their feathered children. Again, THANK YOU!! Roxie seems to be getting back to normal. In fact, she spent most of today on my shoulder, which is the first time she's done that since she laid the first egg on New Year's Day. It was a pleasure having my "old" bird back! My hen is happy again, and so is her Dad. You went above and beyond to make sure that Roxie was happy ...and Jeff was calm. Both of us appreciate it!”

blk palm cockatoo, harlequin macaw, & hyacinth macaw in a pumpkin patch



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