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It all started back in 2006, when my husband Kirk and I found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. Our bonded pair of Cockatiels laid fertile eggs, but we weren't in a position to care for any additional chicks. We scoured the internet and found only a few scattered posts about using fake eggs as replacements. But finding plastic eggs? That was a different story altogether! 

Fast forward to 2023, and has become a lifesaver for pet bird owners worldwide! Avian Veterinarians regularly recommend us to clients because they know we've got the perfect solution for when their hens start laying eggs. And let me tell you, the worst thing you can do is just throw those eggs away! That's a surefire way to drain your bird's body of vital calcium and nutrients, leading to life-threatening conditions like egg binding and calcium deficiency. 

Now, here's where comes in. We've got a wide range of plastic eggs that simulate a full clutch of eggs. Your bird can sit on them until she loses interest, feeling fulfilled, and without any adverse health effects. We believe in giving your birds what they really want... a full clutch of eggs that signal to them to stop laying more. Our simple and healthy solution has worked like magic for countless pet owners, and we're confident it'll work for you too! 

Sure, our small-batch, specialty, and niche production methods might cost a little more, but we're committed to providing you and your feathered friends with the very best. Our philosophy is all about keeping your birds healthy and happy, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out today and see for yourself why we're the go-to solution for pet bird owners everywhere!

Melanie & Kirk


Are you a bird parent with a bird laying unwanted eggs? DummyEggs®.com offers a safe, fast and natural solution. Fake Eggs manufactured in the USA, Of premium plastic that’s non-toxic, realistic and tough, DummyEggs® trick your bird, and that’s enough. No more stress for your bird or you, We help mother nature decide what to do.

To signal that it’s time to incubate, Place a full clutch of dummy eggs in her nest, And let your brooding hen do the rest. DummyEggs® are easy to use and safe, With realistic size, shape, and weight, Your bird won’t know the difference, She’ll think the clutch is complete and it’s time to incubate.

Your broody bird will sit the eggs on the floor, Thinking she’s incubating and stop laying more! She won’t replace the eggs disposed, Her comfort is assured with the number of eggs she knows... say goodbye to egg-laying, hooray!

— by Melanie, DummyEggs®.com

Bird Mom & Dad Tribute Poem

Celebrating National Human Bird Moms and Dads Day
May 15, 2023

On this special day, we gather to say,
A heartfelt tribute to moms who’ve found a unique way.
They’ve welcomed into their lives a feathered friend,
A bond formed, unbreakable, till the very end.

To the human bird moms and dads, with hearts so kind,
You’ve chosen to embrace a winged child, you'll find,
You provide a home, a haven, safe and warm,
Nurturing their spirits through every storm.

You wake up each day to their sweet melodies,
Their chirps and tweets bringing joy and ease.
With gentle hands, you offer them love and care,
Knowing that they bring happiness beyond compare.

You feed them, you clean them, and watch them grow,
You’ve learned their habits,
the things they love and know.
You offer a perch for their dreams to take flight,
Creating a bond that shines in pure light.

With patience, you teach them tricks and games,
Witnessing their progress, celebrating their aims.
You provide a haven, a sanctuary so bright,
Where their spirits can soar, reaching new heights.

So, on this National Bird Mom Day,
We honor you, moms and dads,
in a special way.
For the love and care you selflessly give,
Here’s to the human bird moms,
so loving and kind,
Your bond with your feathered friends forever entwined.

— by Melanie,

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